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We are proud that all the productions we have been responsible for have always been extremely successful. To an extent that it often surprised our UK and US filming crew and partners that “we never thought filming in China can be this easy!”

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What Makes Us So Special?


We have extensive experience of filming in China and it is different to filming in other countries. If you get us involved early in your research and preproduction stages then we can help you avoid later pitfalls. 


We have strong relationships with many Chinese authorities and high-level contacts who we can network with to arrange just about anything, given enough time. It means you no longer have to partner with a Chinese company to get films which will save you a lot more than time and money.


Our clients love the peace of mind that comes from working with a UK based company. They also love that we know both cultures so intimately.

Our Clients


Based in UK, 20 years of filming in China and working both inside and outside of the Chinese systems has given us the unique position to advise and help from beginning to the end of a production on every level.

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