Animal Impossible


Presented by: Tim Warwood and Adam Gendle  *

Genre:  Natural History, Science

Duration:    10 x 50 mins

Production:  BBC Studios,China Mobile Migu

Broadcasters:  BBC Earth,MIGU Video

Air:  15th June 2020

“Is spider silk really stronger than steel? If you’re attacked by a bear, should you play dead? Do cats always land on their feet?  Could a giant squid sink a ship? Hosted by Tim Warwood and Adam Gendle, Animal Impossible puts everything we think we know about the natural world to the test.” – BBC Earth

our role

China Producer

Our role included:

  • Access, approvals and permits
  • Local recruiting and hiring
  • Local budgeting and managing
  • Fixing
  • Researching
  • Recce and shoot

* Image copyright @ BBC


Filming Locations

Wolong National Nature Reserve

Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province, China


Shanghai, China

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